We hear this question a lot " Do you use computer cut?"  Here is a little short detail on Computer cut, laser cut. How does this Software know all the measurements for thousands and thousands of cars???? A tint shop sends their liner to the software company after tinting a car, and the software company measures that liner and inputs it for that... particular car.
Now, this is great, as it will save the installer or the shop a lot of time, it is a great way to tint the car, but it has its limitations and flaws. I will explain why we don't use computer cut/laser cut.
Every car is built the same, a 2009 Honda Civic in CA. is the same as 2009 Honda Civic in NY. BUT, not two cars are put together the same or assembled the same. One car might have a defective upper seal, and one might have a seal which sits lower or higher, now does the computer know that???? Can it physically eyeball this and determine that there is a flaw with this car??? the answer is NO.
So, while reading about Computer cut-Laser cut, ask yourself will the cut be enough to push the film below the bottom seal, will it be long enough to be pushed inside the rail so you do not see the cut line?
This is why we hand cut, it's an ART as it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill, and this gives us the chance to tailor each cut precisely for that individual car, insuring a true cut a nice uniform cut.
I hope that explains a little between a Hand cut, and Computer cut